About Us

The Miami Art Dealers Asociation (MADA) has been created as a non-profit organization founded in florida in order to promote the professional standards of art dealers and to develop awareness of the visual arts to oth local and international communities. Through advocacy of the ethical practice, education,and connoisseurship among the members dealers, MADA's brokers are responsible , credible and knoledgeable when working with artists, collectors, museums and other dealers.


• MADA’S Documentation Center 

• MADA program for Educating Tomorrow 

• MADA program for participation in Art FAIRS 

• MADA program for Wynwood Art Walk 

• MADA program for Collectors education 

• MADA program for Art Dealers education 

• MADA program for Wynwood community 

• MADA program for tourism and City Marketing 

• MADA program for Museums collections adquisitions and exhibitions