About Us

The Miami Art Dealers Asociation (MADA) has been created as a non-profit organization founded in florida in order to promote the professional standards of art dealers and to develop awareness of the visual arts to oth local and international communities. Through advocacy of the ethical practice, education,and connoisseurship among the members dealers, MADA's brokers are responsible , credible and knoledgeable when working with artists, collectors, museums and other dealers.


Membership is by invitation, approval of the board as well a majority vote by the general membership. There will be two types of membership: a Gallery Member and Private Dealer Member.
To be considered for a gallery membership, the gallery must have a physical location, open to the public, keep established business hours Wednesday through Saturday, with a total of 30 hours per week, have been in business for at least two years and have a program at least of 4 (four) shows per year.
Dealers must conform to ethical and standard artist’s contracts, that do not charge the artist to be represented. The private dealers membership must have been in business for at least two years and have an established program of high quality first and secondary market artists.
Both categories must adhere to the professional standards set out in the MADA mission statement.

If You Represent an Art Space in the Miami Metropolitan Area and Want to Join Miami Art Dealers Association If you're an art space that would like to join MADA, please download and fill out the two forms below. One is an application form. The other is an ethics form. Submit these to our mailing address.

Upon receipt, the membership committee will review your application and then submit your space to the active members of MADA for a vote at one of our quarterly membership meetings. If accepted, dues of $300 ($200 for non-profit) will be charged annually.

Criteria: three years in business; public hours; and four (4) rotating exhibition schedule

If you do not represent an art space BUT would like to be a part of Miami Art Dealers
Association you can be a Friend of MADA.

MADA Members: $300 US
Mada Friends: $200 US